Prosthetic fun

Aug 27th 2010 | 0 COMMENTS

We had some fun this week shooting a prosthetic arm for RAPP.

And here is the final result Excema Flare Animation

Our brief was to shoot the progression of an arm inflamed from ezcema as the patient scratched it and it began to heal. As there were several stages to illustrate we asked Jenny Cochrane to make a prosthetic that could be clamped in place... It was a very creepy thing in the flesh as its basically a lump of rubber but over several hours Jenny was able to bring it to life with make up. It was a fascinating process that looks absolutely terrible until the final stages when the level of texture and detail begins to make the skin look real. You can see our test arm in the photos and the real arm at the beginning of the day. The hair photo was particularly hilarious as we added that raw and it needed a wee haircut before we could start!. The edited and animated sequence can be seen here.

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