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The French love photographers

Jan 6th 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

I’m posting these photos as a big thumbs up to the French, especially the couple in the window behind me.

On a recent trip to Paris I spent the day photographing on the street. Paris is such a beautiful city that you get the wonderful symmetry and textures that frames ...

Glen Hansard video for Philander

Apr 28th 2012 | 0 COMMENTS

I directed the video for Philander from Glen Hansards lovely new album Rhythm and Repose.

The styling was based on a look from early in the last century and we wanted it to feel timeless with no obvious modern trappings, apart from the radio. With ...

Another beautiful Platinum Print

Sep 19th 2011 | 0 COMMENTS

I’ve had some prints made from the ‘We Are Loughborough’ series. These are Platinum prints made with a very old school print process by the guys at 139 Printroom. A platinum print uses platinum instead of the traditional silver. Best explained on their website:
“Platinum/ Palladium
Developed by William Willis in 1873, the Platinum Print is, for many, the epitome of photographic printing. Famed for it’s long tonal range and delicate warm colour, a Platinum/Palladium print possesses a luminosity not seen in more contemporary printing processes. “

Trees in Ruskin Park

Mar 1st 2011 | 0 COMMENTS

Tress in late summer shot in Ruskin Park on my 5x4 camera last year. Yes its film! I still have a bag full of dark slides or plates.. sheets of film to use up on my last hey ho with shooting film.

This photo gets me stirred about the whole Film Vs Digital hoo ha. My take is this. I have shot for most of my career on film and now I ...


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