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Lets make an Art film, about The Frames

Jun 19th 2013 | 0 COMMENTS
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The feature film I have made about a creative band, ‘The Frames In The Deep Shade’, is out now on DVD. It was No.4 in the Irish charts in the first week of release so it has been a proud moment. It all began as the simplest most informal chat after a Swell Season gig in 2010 about making an art film…. I’m sure there are a few questions to answer. Why did it take so long?

2018 Note - I’ve added some unreleased artwork to this post when I was fixing a few bugs on the site including a lush poster by Nick Jeeves that was developed early on in the design process

Why did it take so long to edit? It would have been so easy to bash a few sequences together but there were a few options and patterns that were ...

“What do you do?”- Anatomy of a shoot for the Royal Navy

May 9th 2010 | 0 COMMENTS

I’ve been going through a lot of old work recently as 2009 was a bit of a milestone, 20 years of taking photographs.

Whilst filing away old boxes of negatives and contact sheets (film and yee olde proofs before computers took over) I came accross the monster that was my shoot for the ...

Fire station call out

May 8th 2010 | 0 COMMENTS

I was shooting for the fire service recently and on one shift in Bristol I was attending call outs which meant the whole shebang of getting into a jacket and hurrying to the trucks. During the evening we were all enjoying a home cooked roast meal when another call took us away. When I came back they had marked my plate with ‘Film Bloke’. Lovely!

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