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The Frames In The Deep Shade World Premiere at The Dublin Film Festival

Feb 23rd 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

We are just back from The Dublin Film Festival and it was a wonderful weekend. Our film ‘The Frames In The Deep Shade’ received its world premiere with a sell out audience on the Sunday night.
One of the more surreal experiences was attending a reception at the American Ambassadors’ residence on the Friday and seeing the trailer beside the podium in the main room.
It was all very Homeland and I’m convinced the uber friendly staff were CIA. You can’t be that nice and love horses and people without it being a cover right? They wouldn’t give us any news on series 3 and ol’ crazy eyes next move.

The French love photographers

Jan 6th 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

I’m posting these photos as a big thumbs up to the French, especially the couple in the window behind me.

On a recent trip to Paris I spent the day photographing on the street. Paris is such a beautiful city that you get the wonderful symmetry and textures that frames ...

Gerhard Richter at The Tate Modern

Jan 2nd 2012 | 0 COMMENTS

Apologies to The Tate Modern for taking a forbidden photograph at the ‘Panorama’ retrospective for Gerhard Richter. To be honest though I have never understood why a gallery would stop people from taking photographs at exhibitions. I think it’s an over reaction on the part of the galleries and an unrealistic fear of theft. And yes I totally understand that they rely on the sales form the shop and that you can use very good cameras these days and blah blah blah…

Personally my experience of art galleries has always been a place for an educational experience and a part of all educational process is taking notes. I see more positive aspects ...

Clockwork Studios Open Day 2011

Dec 21st 2011 | 0 COMMENTS

It was great fun taking part in the Clockwork Studios Open day again. This is Bridget Bailey and Otto doing the washing up on Sunday… Nice jacket and coat combination.

I always like taking part when I can in the Open days and this year the new Coldharbour London studios took part next door with their own open day. ...


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