Allotment In Kent

Nov 21st 2011 | 0 COMMENTS

An allotment I found near the M25 in Kent. It was a gorgeous time of the day there was no one there on a Sunday evening in winter.

Sometimes… actually often as a photographer you are stopped in your tracks by the moment. A moment when all of the elements you have been looking for come together and create a perfect balance of light and subject. The frustrating part is that it can take hours or days for this to happen but when you are in that moment, nothing could be clearer. We were visiting friends and they wanted to give us some spinach for our tea that evening so we wandered accross the lane and into the fields to be greeted by the magic late light of the setting sun. There was fog due in London that evening and the fist signs of the moisture and our misty drive to come were visible in the dusky sky. The moisture in the air caught the setting sun and dashed a red wash accross the sky bending the light and pulling out the red and orange rays.

I always try and take a minute to see what it is that strikes me in one of these moments and the glass house pulled me in. It helped add some shape to the open fields. I find the easiest thing to do is to over think any situation like this so sometimes I try and empty my mind a little and photograph what catches my eye. I don’t want to be thinking about technique too much. Its good to leave yourself open to the feeling and to try and see if there are any details that are memorable and might record the scene. When I get back to the studio and start to look at the work sometimes it is the simplest image and the first that is the best. I shot both of these within 20 yards of the gate.


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