The Frames -  In The Deep Shade Trailer

Dec 7th 2012 | 0 COMMENTS

After a short tease we have released the trailer for my feature length film about the Irish band The Frames

I have been photographing The Frames for a while now since I first saw them in Whelens in Dublin in 1998 and I remember the first time I saw them, they opened with the instrumental ‘Turbit’ which I used in this trailer. I have been lucky enough to work Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova on the photography for their second album as The Swell Season, Strict Joy,as well as for The Frames album The Cost and Glen Hansards new album Rhythm and Repose.

The first time I filmed anything with the band was a few simple clips when I was on tour with The Swell Season taking photographs in 2009. When we started talking about filming The Frames on their 2010 20th anniversary tour the idea of making a longer film came up. Because I knew the band fairly well and I knew they would be comfortable with me, my initial thoughts were that instead of making a simple and quite literal concert film or blow by blow documentary I felt this could be a film which tried to show a little more of what its like to work with a collection of creative people who have been together for over 20 years and continue to be driven by the music they make.

The trailer gives a taste of the what the final film is like. We are putting the final pieces in place to release the film in 2013 so more news soon!

In the meantime the official site is here:

The Frames In The Deep Shade

and you can find us on Facebook too In The Deep Shade


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